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"Wind and sun - free raw materials"


ASSET@LOGISTIC AG has been engaged for over 10 years in the project planning and realisation of solar parks and wind farms, particularly in Southern Spain. According to an EU study the country has one of the greatest sun and wind capacities in Europe.


As purchasing of generated power production is guaranteed for long periods of time, depending on country and legislature, this is a very secure and profitable investment.


The preservation of our natural resources is a pressing challenge for us all. State and international institutions’ activities are supporting the growing environmental awareness and the will to take up environmental protection as central policy aim. The racing growth of the world’s population presents further policy challenges. The environmental impact from energy production and in the waste disposal sector – and given the increasing demand – needs to be reduced.


The production of energy from renewable energy sources is taking up a key position in coping with these tasks. The rapid development of such infrastructures would not be possible without the use of private capital!


That traditional sources of energy are scarce and not renewable has established itself as a general credo. ASSET@LOGISTIC AG supports these social, political and economic changes with its commitment to ecologically and economically optimise interactions with nature.


The future of ASSET@LOGISTIC AG is supported by an extremely favourable market situation. Word of Germany’s encouragement in matters of wind energy has gotten round. Numerous countries have already adopted similar designs in favour of developing regenerative energies, particularly in regions with high wind velocities, such as in other European countries.


In many European countries the purchasing of energy production is guaranteed over a period of up to 20 years, hence ensuring the company’s income. Each kilowatt (kW) of power produced from wind and solar energy must be purchased by the network operators at fixed minimum prices. This means a maximum of planning reliability for our company as well as our investors. 


Our aim is to develop and realise energy parks on suitable large-surface areas, which guarantee a healthy ratio of secure revenues and above-average potential yield.


With our activities we would like to make a commensurate contribution to clean energy production in the age of climate change.