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The French energy multinational TOTAL, as the first company group of its branch, publicly
acknowledged in June 2008 that worldwide oil production is already soon to be reaching its limits and therewith setting new benchmarks. The future belongs to suppliers of renewable energies. It is not difficult to figure out what we will be faced with when the oil production can no longer be augmented on the part of OPEC, while the demand is simultaneously increasing at an above average rate. How long will the oil reserves actually suffice?


Research by the international energy agency IEA arrived at alarming results. The chief economist of IEA declared in an interview "We have considered all new oil production projects worldwide, a total of 230. Even if we were able to realise all of these already financed projects in the coming years, the total capacity they could bring to new oil production is too little. According to this, by the year 2015 - in a mere 4 years - around 15% of the world’s demand for oil could no longer be covered.



The future, in any event, means rethinking.